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Penerimaan BUMN Garuda Indonesia 2013

Garuda Indonesia adopted a Human Capital Management approach which perceives employees as assets with high levels of competitiveness. Engaged in the service industry, Garuda Indonesia acknowledges the importance of human resources in creating a strong and sustainable corporate performance. Therefore, since 2005 the Company has actively redefined its policies and human resources systems in order to be aligned with the Company's grand strategy and objectives. For Garuda Indonesia, people have always been the main priority. Employees can be viewed as human capital, implying that Garuda Indonesia's employees have knowledge, skills and potential work habits that can support the Company's productivity. In order to become valuable capital with a strong contribution to the organization, every employee has to have a healthy work spirit and hence will be competent enough for the organization.

Formasi yang dibutuhkan antara lain pilot, awak kabin, pramugari, marketing, chef on board, manager, desain grafis, dan sebagainya.

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